Backlink building and social media SEO services

Backlink building SEO Sutton ColdfieldSearch Engines rely on backlinks to tell them which website is an authority on a certain subject.  This occurs naturally as websites with great content get found and people link back to them from their own sites. The problem is, this rarely happens quickly if you don’t promote your website.

A9 Creative & SEO can build backlinks to suit the requirements of different sites.  Most websites need a variety of backlinks building to them, with links from as many different websites as possible. Some links will use keywords that are specific to your website’s brand, some will use general subject matter while some will contain targeted, keyword-rich links to pages within your website. This is called ‘deep linking’ and can be an excellent way to drive targeted traffic to your site. There are many different ways to link back to your site, so we offer some packages for our clients that can be used separately or mixed.

The backlinks that we offer are available at any time and can be adapted to your specific requirements. There are no contracts or tie-ins and you can set them up as part of a campaign. Our link building campaigns look very natural to the search engines and we advise on respectable time pauses between backlinks creation.

Realistically, the work we do can often take a few months to affect your search engine rankings. We take a before and after snapshot and work to raise the prominence of your chosen keywords and phrases. Backlink strategies are rarely immediately beneficial, although in some low-keyword-competition areas it can sometimes be just a few days before the client sees a marked improvement in traffic.  We offer short and long-term contracts for this reason, although you can always try our service and invest later when you require an SEO boost.


Social Media Backlinks

We offer a variety of methods to get you noticed on the social networking sites. For Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Digg and more we have bespoke networking tools that can drive visitors to your feeds. Don’t underestimate the power of social networks in upping the ranking of your website.

Give us your preferred keywords and we’ll help you to get comments and links on thousands of social media sites. We also offer complete management of your social profiles from initial setup to posting content.


SEO article rewriting service

If your website contains posts, pages or articles we can optimize these to include search engine friendly layouts and semantic structure. Website optimization starts with getting the on-page elements correct.

Prices start from as little as £60


On-page Search Engine Optimization

We can carry out a review of your website and improve your on-page SEO so that you have a much better chance to attract the right visitors. Coupled with our backlink building and quality SEO services you will then have a website with increased ranking and authority.

For more details on any of the services listed above or to chat to us about SEO, social or backlinking services, please use the contact form here.