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Stop unwanted phone calls and junk postal mail

Stop junk mailDo you want to stop unwanted phone calls and the influx of unsolicited mail through your post box? For a long time now I have been on a list of people who “Opt-out” of marketing telephone calls and junk postal mail. Many people are unaware that this can be done, so I thought I’d share it with you. And the price for this? Completely free of charge!

You need to visit the TPS (Telephone Preference Service) website and register your details. Once done, they send you a confirmation email and you are registered free for 12 months. When the expiry date is reached, they email you once to advise it your registration requires renewal. And that’s all there is to it. You should see an immediate drop in your unsolicited marketing calls.

TPS website:


For the mail side of things, over 3.6 billion postal mails are directly sent out every year.  You can use the same organisation as above to prevent this, but you need to visit here instead:


Finally, if you run a business, you might want to look at the free corporate tps here:


The theory is that any company carrying out marketing calls or delivering marketing mail has to, by law, check if you are subscribed to TPS (Telephone Preference Service) or MPS (Mail preference Service) first.  If they don’t do this then they can be reported and heavily fined.


Unaddressed Postal Mail

With over 13 Billion unaddressed postal mails being sent out yearly, this needs to be canned too.  Unfortunately, the mail service above doesn’t stop the post sent via Royal Mail to “The Occupier” or “The householder” etc.  For this, you need to write to:

Door to Door Opt Outs
Royal Mail
Kingsmead House
Oxpens Road

Alternatively, send an email to [email protected] asking for their door to door opt-out form to be sent to you.  You can also call them on 08457 950 950


You are welcome to point your friends to this article, it might help them too.

Format factory free mp3 converter

Looking for a free way to convert your multimedia files?  One of the biggest sources of viruses on the internet is searching for software that can convert your files from one format to another.  Often, the result is that you download and launch a malicious program that then puts all manner of spyware onto your PC.

Good free converters are very hard to find but there is one that stands out above all the others.  It’s called ‘Format Factory’ and it can convert huge files to a variety of different formats.  Look at this list:

Video – Converts from/to MP4/3GP/MPG/AVI/WMV/FLV/SWF.
Audio – Converts from/to MP3/WMA/AMR/OGG/AAC/WAV.
Images – Converts from/to JPG/BMP/PNG/TIF/ICO/GIF/TGA and supports zoom/rotate and flip tags.

It can also copy DVD to a video file and music CD to an audio file.
MP4 files support iPod, iPhone, iPod, PSP and BlackBerry formats.
For the techies out there it also supports RMVB,Watermark and AV Mux.

A neat function is the built-in repair of damaged video and audio files.  All Windows Operating Systems are supported:

XP/2003/Vista/2008/Windows 7/8/10

For more information and to download click this link:

Dropbox free online file storage

free online storage with bonusDropbox is an incredible application which gives you free online file storage.  This can be used for backing up photos, music, documents, videos etc. Once installed, it creates a folder within your documents folder. Anything you put in here is automatically synchronised with a secure online storage area. Better still, if you have more than one computer you can synchronise the files between each PC automatically and seamlessly.


Free online file storage in “the cloud”

Dropbox gives you a generous 2GB of online storage for free which is sufficient for most users.  Extra storage capacity can be bought at a very fair price though, so this is a great deal.  Secure online storage has many benefits and if you have ever lost any important documents or photos, you’ll know how bad it feels to not be able to get them back.  With Dropbox, you don’t need to manually backup as it uploads the file to secure storage on every creation or subsequent change.

A9 Top Tip

My tip here would be to store important documents in Dropbox but not too many photos or videos as they can take up lots of space. That way you should easily keep below the free 2GB limit. Choose a strong password when prompted (minimum 8 characters and use an exclamation mark or asterisk) and you’ll have a reliable, secure online storage account for free!

Click here to get Dropbox and receive a free bonus of increased online storage!

Skype – free text, voice and video chat service

Skype has been a solid product for years now.  It has developed into a must-have software for people wanting to keep in touch from country to country.  That’s not to say you can’t use it to chat with someone in the same house too (“put the kettle on love…”).

Skype to Skype calls are free but if you want to call a landline or mobile they levy a small charge for this.  It can still work out lots cheaper than standard phone tariffs though, especially when calling abroad.

The latest release of Skype brings some new improvements.  Now you can make video calls to as many as 10 people at the same time.  Skype’s new Home area offers updates about the service, details your call purchases and has videos to help you get started. The new offline IM feature will let you send messages to and receive them from other people who are offline a la Messenger/Windows Live.

Quality and reliability is better during Skype calls too.  A built-in client messaging service tells you about any potential problems with a call and offers suggestions to improve its quality.

The main interface now displays photos of your contacts and offers a history list of previous conversations.
You can download Skype here free of charge and don’t have to pay to use it for voice and video chat between 2 PCs with Skype on them.

Irfanview image viewing software

Irfanview allows you to manipulate and easily view images, and other media formats.  Here’s a list of what it can do:

  • Cut and crop images
  • Apply batch conversions
  • Sharpen or blur images
  • Create panoramas
  • Change color modes

Irfanview has been slowly adding support for lots of different formats and now supports most image, video and sound formats including the popular MP3, AVI, audio CD, and WMA.

It has a simple interface which is easy to learn. New on the latest version at time of writing is a set of (basic) drawing tools, easily reached by hitting F12.

I rate this program very highly and it can be easily installed alongside other programs, be sure to opt out of the free Google toolbar during installation if that is something you don’t require.

Requirements:  Windows 95/98/Me/2000/NT/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7