Dropbox free online file storage

free online storage with bonusDropbox is an incredible application which gives you free online file storage.  This can be used for backing up photos, music, documents, videos etc. Once installed, it creates a folder within your documents folder. Anything you put in here is automatically synchronised with a secure online storage area. Better still, if you have more than one computer you can synchronise the files between each PC automatically and seamlessly.


Free online file storage in “the cloud”

Dropbox gives you a generous 2GB of online storage for free which is sufficient for most users.  Extra storage capacity can be bought at a very fair price though, so this is a great deal.  Secure online storage has many benefits and if you have ever lost any important documents or photos, you’ll know how bad it feels to not be able to get them back.  With Dropbox, you don’t need to manually backup as it uploads the file to secure storage on every creation or subsequent change.

A9 Top Tip

My tip here would be to store important documents in Dropbox but not too many photos or videos as they can take up lots of space. That way you should easily keep below the free 2GB limit. Choose a strong password when prompted (minimum 8 characters and use an exclamation mark or asterisk) and you’ll have a reliable, secure online storage account for free!

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