Facebook marketing

Facebook marketing SEOWe offer Facebook marketing campaigns as part of our SEO and advertising services, which are really good for driving targeted traffic and visitors to your site.  We can recode part of your website so that any new posts you make get automatically fed onto your Facebook and Twitter pages, so no effort is required to maintain or post onto these sites.  This way, you get a social presence and receive passing ‘organic’ traffic with no ongoing costs.


Bespoke Facebook adverts

We also offer design services for your Facebook advert so it stands out from the crowd. We can then deploy these adverts onto Facebook’s system for you and explain the tracking system used to monitor your advert’s performance. The adverts can be paused at any time or switched to a new campaign.


Facebook marketing demographics

Facebook has the most targeted demographics currently available anywhere online.  Where else can you advertise to, for example, “women aged 30 with an interest in furniture design” or “men aged between 40 and 46 who like tennis and squash”?  Using our experience, you can also reduce the cost per click of these adverts significantly, sometimes saving up to 80% on Facebook’s proposed charges! Cost per click can often be driven down to just a few pence making it cheaper than Google Adwords, Yell.com, Media.net or other online marketing methods

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