Stop unwanted phone calls and junk postal mail

Stop junk mailDo you want to stop unwanted phone calls and the influx of unsolicited mail through your post box? For a long time now I have been on a list of people who “Opt-out” of marketing telephone calls and junk postal mail. Many people are unaware that this can be done, so I thought I’d share it with you. And the price for this? Completely free of charge!

You need to visit the TPS (Telephone Preference Service) website and register your details. Once done, they send you a confirmation email and you are registered free for 12 months. When the expiry date is reached, they email you once to advise it your registration requires renewal. And that’s all there is to it. You should see an immediate drop in your unsolicited marketing calls.

TPS website:


For the mail side of things, over 3.6 billion postal mails are directly sent out every year.  You can use the same organisation as above to prevent this, but you need to visit here instead:


Finally, if you run a business, you might want to look at the free corporate tps here:


The theory is that any company carrying out marketing calls or delivering marketing mail has to, by law, check if you are subscribed to TPS (Telephone Preference Service) or MPS (Mail preference Service) first.  If they don’t do this then they can be reported and heavily fined.


Unaddressed Postal Mail

With over 13 Billion unaddressed postal mails being sent out yearly, this needs to be canned too.  Unfortunately, the mail service above doesn’t stop the post sent via Royal Mail to “The Occupier” or “The householder” etc.  For this, you need to write to:

Door to Door Opt Outs
Royal Mail
Kingsmead House
Oxpens Road

Alternatively, send an email to [email protected] asking for their door to door opt-out form to be sent to you.  You can also call them on 08457 950 950


You are welcome to point your friends to this article, it might help them too.