At A9 Creative & SEO we are being completely honest when we state that we can’t guarantee search engine rankings. So why would we say that? Let me explain…

guarantee search rankings

The murky world of SEO promises

From the dawn of the Interwebs, right through to the present day, website owners have been scammed with search engine ranking claims that over-promise and most certainly under-deliver. With claims like “guaranteed rankings” and “traffic that’ll make you retire in a month”, the end result is that the whole SEO industry becomes tarred with the same brush. 

So, you ask, how do SEO companies continue to be able to promise guaranteed rankings? Well, they often guarantee ranking for a few keywords that they have chosen. These keywords are generally easy, low-to-zero-search-volume terms without any competition. 

Imagine the Blue Widget company being told they now rank on page 1 of Google for “Blue monomer tetrafluoroethylene widget that can be stuffed up your nose“.  That’s great, but does that bring in any search traffic? Even if it does, will it convert to a sale or lead?

Rankings go up as well as down

Rankings are completely dependent on the search engines’ algorithms. That is to say they are ‘as predictable as a wasp on speed’ and can go down as well as up. If we instigate a solid plan that makes your website optimized for search and we target all aspects of on and off-page SEO, then it becomes as stable as possible. You will stand a far greater chance to appear in searches and be well on your way to having solid and steady traffic. SEO techniques and good practices are required for the long-term visibility of your website in search.

One thing that we can predict is that Google and the other search engines will continue to progress their technology, including local and voice search. This means we need to stay abreast of trends and adapt our approach as newer updates make their way into the algorithms.

Search engines don’t even guarantee ranking

This is probably the biggest indicator for those who might only read one paragraph. Google’s own search marketing guidelines state that ‘Nobody can guarantee a number 1 ranking on Google’. It’s a similar story from Bing too. What we can do though is give you the best chance of being up there by doing everything properly and legitimately. We also take a different approach to many SEO companies where we actually explain things to you in easy-to-understand terms. We empower you to carry on the good practice methods. If we ever use Geek Speak that you don’t understand, then we’re more than happy to stop and explain. Less scrupulous companies often hide behind words that make people think SEO is some kind of black magic.


After reading the above, I hope that you now understand a bit more about why we never place guarantees on search ranking. Even if you don’t use our services, you’ll hopefully avoid those unethical companies who offer false claims. Make sure that you choose to work with someone who can explain what they do, takes time to understand your requirements and can ultimately help you to help your business thrive.